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Visit Cordoba

As the capital of the Cordoba province in southern Spain, Cordoba is a peaceful city, with people of many different backgrounds and religions peacefully going about their days. In 1994, was incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage list, making it a city full of history, heritage, culture, and diversity.

Cordoba is full of beautifully crafted buildings, parks with lush green forests, and historic places to be explored. The landscape of the villages and homes in the city can be seen, and since the city sits right on the Guadalquivir River, there is an added beauty to the area.

Quick Facts about Cordoba

Here’s a few interesting tidbits of information about the city of Cordoba:


The city of Cordoba is located in the Andalusia region of Spain, which is located in the southern part of Spain. It is the capital of the Cordoba province, and is located right on the banks of the River Guadalquivir.


The beautiful, historical architecture in the city of Cordoba is something that draws in quite a few tourists. With beautiful cathedral style buildings, mills with old-fashioned water wheels, churches, chapels, towers, statues, and old palaces, it is a wonderful place to go for sightseeing. There are various parks and areas for getting out in nature, and Cordoba is also known for its seven beautiful bridges.


Cordoba’s weather is simply delightful at all times during the year, with warm winters and hot summers. The climate is Subtropical-Mediterranean, and Cordoba has the above average daily highs for the summer months, ranging from 28 degrees Celsius (about 82 degrees Fahrenheit) to about 46 degrees Celsius (about 115 degrees Fahrenheit). The winters tend to be somewhat cool, with temperatures ranging from 9 degrees Celsius (about 48 degrees Fahrenheit) to 22 degrees Celsius (about 71 degrees Fahrenheit). Precipitation tends to occur more during the winter months.

  How to get to Cordoba

Aside from getting to Cordoba by means of driving there, you can travel to Cordoba via the AVE high-speed train, which has a station in Seville, Spain. There are also regular trains available, with stations throughout the general area. You can also travel to the area by bus, with stations located throughout surrounding cities.

  Where to stay in Cordoba

The Cordoba area has plenty of nice places to stay. Aside from vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts, you will find an assortment of beautiful hotels to stay in during your visit. Some of those hotels include Balcon de Cordoba, Hotel Viento 10, and Hospes Palacio del Bailio. All of these hotels are built with the atmosphere of the city in mind, blending in with the beautiful architecture.

   Things to do in Cordoba

Cordoba has plenty of things for everyone! For those who fancy taking a tour, the city has several tours on offer, such as a Cordoba Walking Tour, the Cordoba Monuments Tour, and even a private walking tour of Cordoba, which is a wonderful choice for couples who want to see the city while spending a romantic vacation together. You can also see the various cathedrals, sculptures, and parks around the city.

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