Alicante weather October and February

Alicante Weather and Climate

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Best time to visit Alicante / Weather Alicante

Situated in a unique microclimate, Alicante makes for a perfect break any time of year. Boasting more than 300 days of annual sunshine, Alicante benefits from a hot, dry climate in the summer and has very mild winters.

Spring. from March to May, Alicante weather is generally sunny and mild until the middle of May. Rainy days are relatively infrequent and the amount of hours of sunshine steadily increas . From late April to May, it is already possible to notice the days becoming pleasantly warmer. Temperatures can range from 22°C rising to approximately 26°C towards the end of May.

Alicante weather October, February, April, December and Novemeber

Autumn. from late September to November is still a great time to visit Alicante. Having sheltered from a hot summer, renewed activity takes to the streets, shops and seafront. The outset of Autumn in Alicante is often warm, and then gradually becomes milder. At this time of year, Atlantic weather fronts can gradually become more frequent. Occasionally, the rains can be heavy, albeit for brief periods. All that said, due to the amount of average hours of sunshine, October is still a popular time for visitors to Spain. Disliking the shorter days and grey skies in other parts of Europe, many tourists head to Spain to benefit from Alicante weather October time.

Winter, is also a mild season in Alicante, and is often characterized by sunny periods. From December to February, there can be smaller periods of wind and rain, however it rarely, ‘if ever’ snows. Alicante in the winter still gets many sunny days, and temperatures can reach up to 18 °C in the direct sunshine.

Summer, from June to September, is when the sea temperatures have warmed up and make paddling a must for all. Characterized by hot and sunny days temperatures usually remain around 28 °C on average. Weather in June and early September can easily reach an average of 30 °C or more.Weather in July and August can be very hot and a little more humid, however the sea breeze of the Mediterranean summer is always a welcome retreat.

Popular Questions about Alicante weather

Is it sunbathing weather in the winter? The short answer is that if you find a ‘suntrap, temperatures can reach as high as 16°C – 18 °C even in the winter. However, generally in winter, the temperature in Alicante is commonly around 11°C – 14°C

What months does the sea get warm? You will find people swimming in the many months of the year, although the sea temperature does not get warmer until the end of May. July and August the sea will be much more pleasant to swim in, however it will not normally exceed 20°C/68°F.

When do swimming pools open? Outdoor water temperature in Alicante is usually cold until June. You may find the occasional outdoor swimming pool open before then, but most without heating will be open for swimming the latter part of June or beginning of July through to October.

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