Spain – A Dream Wedding Location

Why consider a beach wedding in Spain?

Many people see Spain as a wonderful place to vacation, whether as a fun filled family adventure, a relaxing honeymoon location, or even a great place to go sightseeing with friends. But with all the beauty that Spain offers, many couples are choosing areas in Spain as their dream wedding locations. With breathtaking views, warm, sunny beaches, and stunning architecture, Spain is a wonderful and romantic place to get married and hold the wedding ceremony that you have always dreamed of having. From Seville and Marbella to the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar, there are many locations that have wonderful opportunities to provide you with a great wedding experience (and don’t forget that perfect honeymoon after)! Imagine the stunning wedding photographs you’ll have with Spain’s deep blue skies, gorgeous beaches and enticing mediterranean sea as your backdrop.


Why Hold a Wedding in Marbella?

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Why Getting married in Spain?

Getting married in Spain can be a beautiful experience that you will remember for years to come. So why not go one step further and hold your wedding in one of Spain’s most romantic cities? Imagine the smell of orange blossoms lingering in the air as your make your vows, and the peaceful sound of fountains in the background as you have your first kiss as a married couple on the flower-lined section of Marbella’s beautiful Old Town?

            From luxury hotels right on the beach, to beautiful gardens and idyllic sunsets, Spain is your ‘oyster’ when it comes to planning your perfect wedding. There are some beautiful cities and towns to choose to plan your wedding.  Why not consider getting married in Marbella? A wonderful choice for those who enjoy peaceful, romantic candlelit dinners, moonlit walks, and soft music playing as you stroll through the streets, hand in hand.

                                                                                                                    Breathtaking Beauty in Seville is ideal for a wedding photograph

Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain
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Seville is known for its architecture and beautiful buildings, and features several cathedrals that would make a wonderful backdrop for wedding photography. With romantic courtyards and plazas, the opportunities for a dream wedding are simply endless. Fountains and bridges line the cobblestone streets, looking out at the churches and gothic style buildings that can still be found here. Taking a horse-drawn carriage ride with your partner will only enhance your dream wedding experience. Enjoy music, delicious foods, and dancing with your significant other, and take in the real beauty of this magnificent city.


Weddings in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Beach
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If scenery and wedding photography is what you are looking for when choosing your wedding location, Gibraltar is a wonderful place to include when making your list of possible destinations. With several beaches, parks, waterfalls, and of course, the Rock of Gibraltar that is located here, places for perfect wedding photographs are everywhere you look.

After your wedding, take a trip to the warm beach or go hiking in one of the parks nearby – or even take a hike up the Rock of Gibraltar itself and get a good look at how breathtaking the city and the beaches that surround it really are.

There are plenty of hotels to stay at, and lots to do. You can explore the nightlife here, or attend one of the events at the parks. There are several hotels, some overlooking the ocean, so your wedding and honeymoon will be exactly as dreamy as you can imagine.

Beach Weddings on the Costa del Sol

Costa Del Sol Beach
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If endless miles of warm, sandy beaches and cool, refreshing ocean water is your idea of a perfect wedding, then getting married on one of the many beaches along the Costa del Sol may be exactly what you are looking for. The Costa del Sol and its many beaches are wonderful tourist attractions, filled with sunshine and carefree afternoons enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

Since it is such a popular tourist attraction, the entire Costa del Sol area has many hotels and activities, including mini golf, dancing, live music, and festivals that take place throughout the year. The nightlife on the Costa del Sol is phenomenal, with many clubs and restaurants to explore.

Even if you have chosen to get married at another location in Spain and just have a honeymoon along the Costa del Sol, you are guaranteed to not want your time here to end!

With so many different locations around Spain making wonderful wedding and honeymoon destinations, it can be so hard to choose! Whether you are more for the architecture of the Gothic cathedrals or the warm and sunny beaches, getting married in Spain is a wonderful way to start off a new life with the one you love.

What is required to get married in Spain?

If you are not of Spanish nationality and would like to get married in Spain, you will need to go to the Civil Registry of the Spanish municipality or area where you wish to celebrate the union. They will inform you of the specific documents and identification that you will need. To help you in this area we recommend that you contact a qualified wedding planner actually in Spain that has had much experience in this regard, thus alleviating much work and worry for you, leaving you to concentrate on planning your dream wedding.