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10 Best Resorts In Lanzarote

With so many opinions on which are the best resorts in Lanzarote, choosing somewhere for a holiday can be a daunting experience. For couples, families or solo travellers, there are endless factors to consider, including; location, best things to do, cost, amenities, and reviews. In this article, you will discover some of Lanzarote’s hidden gems and most popular resorts. Hopefully, our list of some of the best Lanzarote resorts will help you decide where to go next on your holiday.


Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote today, but its past reveals it had a somewhat more modest beginning. Starting as a small fishing village way back in the 15th century, Arrecife grew from a humble port until eventually becoming the island’s capital in 1852. It boasted two main fortresses, San José and San Gabriel and a third, Castillo de San Gabriel, situated on a small island in front of Arrecife, connected by a drawbridge. From this vantage point, the locals did what they could to defend themselves against relentless pirate attacks. The fourth castle of Castillo de San Juan is now one of the area’s main attractions, the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, complete with the work of Cesar Manrique.

Today, almost half of the 90,000 residents on Lanzarote reside in Arrecife. In many parts, you’ll find properties built in the traditional Canarian way, using local stone. In prominent distinction, along the beachfront, there’s a vast, palm-lined promenade with just one lofty hotel. The famous artist Cesar Manrique worked hard to ensure that Lanzarote was not subject to numerous high-rise buildings. In fact, the Gran Hotel Arrecife is the sole high-rise building on the island. While it may appear out of character to tradition, this momentous glass-clad, modern, five-star place to stay delivers incredible views as Lanzarote’s only skyscraper.

This premier hotel is an 11-minute walk from Castillo de San Gabriel fortress and lies next to Reducto Beach. The Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa, situated in the centre of the island with its magnificent El Reducto Beach at its feet, blends luxury with comfort and good service. The Arrecife Gran Hotel has a deluxe spa, ideal for relaxing in the water or enjoying one of the fabulous treatments.

Its perfect location next to the historic town and the gastronomic and commercial zone of Arrecife, just minutes from Lanzarote airport and the port, makes this one of the best hotels in Lanzarote.
You may also prefer to stay at Hotel Lancelot. It’s just a stone’s throw from the Gran Hotel & is outstanding value for money with friendly, efficient staff. A taxi from Lanzarote airport to Hotel Lancelot is only around £12, making it ideal for those on a budget. Arrecife is a natural, working town with an authentic Canarian atmosphere. This is precisely why some prefer to stay here.

Leon y Castillo is a popular shopping avenue in Arrecife where you can pick up a few duty-free bargains, local crafts or high-end fashions. This stylish contemporary complement to Arrecife’s waterfront also brings boutique shopping and bustling bars and restaurants to the Marina. As you walk away from the seafront and head to the right, from here, you’ll want to pause and sip a morning coffee gazing at the scenic view over El Charco lagoon.

Punta Mujeres

punta mujeres resort in lanzarote

Punta Mujeres is a picturesque small village on the coast in the North of Lanzarote. This traditional fishing village is full of that Spanish feel that we’ve all come to love with its white-washed homes and little balconies.

Meandering along the narrow, cobbled streets may remind you of a quaint Cornish village with the addition of some atmospheric Spanish bars and restaurants. Punta Mujeres, which means ‘Women’s Point’, was aptly named because women would sit and wait on the point there to see their husbands returning from their fishing expeditions. Rumour has it that the fisherman here are still a friendly bunch and are well known for sharing samples of their sardine catch with whoever is in the area.

The village has four seawater swimming pools positioned on the coastline at intervals. These diverse natural swimming pools, two of which are well sheltered from the open seas, make Punta Mujeres in the northeast of Lanzarote a reference point on the island. Staying in a hotel near the outdoor lido swimming pools is a real treat and motivation to enjoy some leisurely exercise while on holiday in Lanzarote.


Yaiza Lanzarote

Yaiza is a very scenic town towards the island’s south, on the way to Playa Blanca and Timanfaya if you’re travelling from the north. Yaiza village has a delightful community feel and is typically Spanish in the traditional way. It is an excellent area for those that simply prefer to relax, escape the busier resorts and enjoy some tranquillity. It was voted the most beautiful town in Spain on more than one occasion, and it is easy to identify why. Along the roadside and built into the sides of the mountains are terraced plots of land with swaying palm trees and gorgeous flowering vines.

When it comes to snapping local scenery on camera, the surrounding volcanic landscape envelopes the colourful plants and blossoms that line the streets and squares of Yaiza. The village is also home to the charming 17th-century Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios church, which surprisingly survived the volcanic lava.

Villa Torres Yaiza, close to Playa de las Coloradas and less than a mile from Mujeres Beach is suitable for tourists and travellers. It has several amenities and caters for long or short stays. This lovely villa offers a nice-sized pool and an ample garden for sunbathing. Although less busy than some resorts, there is quite a bit to do if you decide to vary your holiday. There are plenty of great walks on the doorstep for individuals, couples or families. Yaiza’s hiking trails range from easy to intermediate, with a few mountain biking trails. With activities such as hiking, diving, fishing, a local beach and a water park nearby, this is a classic choice for alternating lazy pool days with activities to please everyone. Yaiza is a practical base to explore the southern part of Lanzarote, near the Timanfaya national park and just 30 minutes from the capital.

La Geria

grapes growing at la geria vineyard lanzarote

La Geria is Lanzarote’s central wine-growing province and the most visited area, receiving 300,000 visits annually. Although most of the island is covered in volcanic lava rock, the ground is fertile, and five varieties of grapes thrive there.

Right at the foot of Timanfaya mountain, this wine tasters paradise keeps busy with an abundance of tours and excursions. Understanding how the wineries prospered despite the desert-like conditions and the volcanic soil is an intriguing part of the tour. Moreover, you’ll taste some of the most flavorful, internationally award-winning wines produced on-site in the modest town of La Geria. A well-earned reward after trekking one of the world’s unique landscapes, the vine-coated hills of La Geria.


haria village and resort in lanzarote

Haria may be a small village, but it makes up for any inferiority in beauty. The town is located north of Lanzarote, with over 1000 people. It’s a peaceful resort for those seeking to unwind and soak up the ambience of a fascinating and authentic Spanish village. It’s an oasis of greenery amid an otherwise arid landscape. The pleasant settlement of Haría is a must-stay location when staying in the North of Lanzarote. Haría remains somewhat of a hidden gem in Lanzarote and is one of the least touristy places on the island. This lush town is decorated with trailing flowering bougainvillaea and towering palm trees, a prominent contrast to the barren-looking resorts.

Haria is situated deep in a valley and is another very fertile place in Lanzarote due to the rainfalls. Yet it is sheltered from the infamous Lanzarote winds.

One of the most beautiful spots in town is Plaza Leon y Castillo, where visitors will soon find a friendly local welcome from cafés serving refreshing drinks and a selection of tapas dishes. It’s common for any glass to accompany a bowl of delicious fresh olives, melon, and ham. If you wish to explore the North of Lanzarote, Haría and its surroundings would be a great base to choose due to its proximity to nearby attractions and several eateries.

Haría’s attractions include Cuevas de Los Verdes and Jameos del Agua, a unique volcanic tunnel & caverns featuring an underground concert hall, restaurant & salt lake. Cuevas de Los Verdes, or Green caves, were formed around 5,000 years ago. This was due to the eruption of the Corona volcano. This opened up a seven kilometre tunnel in the heart of Lanzarote through which lava flowed straight to the sea. Centuries later, this huge cavern was a great hideout by the islanders as a refuge against attacks. It is also reported that a family of shepherds made this their dwelling in the 18th century. The lake in the cave is now one of Lanzarote’s best tourist attractions. The reflection of the rock formation on the water makes the cave seem immense, although the lake’s depth is scarcely 20 centimetres deep.

Tias Lanzarote

tias beach lanzarote

Tias is a large village 5 kilometres north of Puerto del Carmen, which is mainly residential and typically Canarian. All that said, some villas and apartments are available to rent, ranging from bargains with all basics amenities to 4 and five-star luxury hotels. The friendly staff at the homestyle restaurants retains a fine community spirit. Tias, translated as the aunts, is another great option for anyone seeking a holiday away from the main tourist centres. Hiring a bike in Tias is a family favourite. Seeing scattered hamlets such as Masdache, Conil, Macher, Tegoyo, and La Asomada seems like stepping back in time.

Tias to Puerto del Carmen takes just 15 minutes by car. So staying in Tias gives you the best of both worlds; relaxing and mingling with the locals in Tias or enjoying the lively atmosphere of one of its more prominent neighbours.


teguise village resort lanzarote

Teguise, located in the centre of the island and 220 meters above sea level, was once the capital of Lanzarote until 1852 and was home to the Guanche King. It’s also one of the oldest settlements in the Canary Islands. The town was named after the Guanche King’s daughter. Little of the original town remains, having suffered numerous attacks from pirates.

The Real Villa de Teguise is the heart of town and has been declared a historical architectural and artistic because of its legacy. Teguise is possibly the best preserved historic centre of the Canaries, and that has not undergone significant changes over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The town’s main feature today is the castle, “Castillo de Santa Barbara“, built on the old volcano of Guanapay. One of the more exciting industries of the town is the making of “Timples” – small guitars popular with Canarian musicians.

The grand houses of Spínola’s and The Torres are fine examples of the town’s impressive architecture. Numerous craft shops and small bazaars offer an abundance of shopping for traditional souvenirs, as does the open-air market held each Sunday in and around the town’s main square. Also, on a Sunday, at noon and after mass, local musicians dressed in traditional costumes perform music and dance.
Outside the town, the Church of Parroquia San Miguel and the Museum of Palacio de Spinola are well worth visiting.

Puerto Del Carmen

beach view of puerto del carmen one of  the best resorts in lanzarote

Puerto Del Carmen is Lanzarote’s most extensive resort location and offers plenty to visitors. Besides the choice of friendly beach sites, you’ll find great local and artisan shopping venues and various restaurant options. Right in the centre, nightclubs and large hotels in Puerto Del Carmen are popular choices among the younger generation. But there’s also the delightful Puerto del Carmen “Old Town” area with the harbour-side restaurants and the more contemporary, purpose-built holiday area with cafes and intriguing marts.

Puerto del Carmen boasts over 3km of golden beach. The main road through the resort runs the whole way behind the beach. The beaches in Puerto del Carmen are a sunbather’s paradise. Theres plenty of sunbeds and plenty of sunshine! Puerto del Carmen has its own three sandy beaches which overlap the promenade with its sunloungers and parasols dotted along the shoreline. Just ten minute’s walk is Playa Chica in the old town. This is a quieter, more secluded spot with a famous diving centre for scuba divers and snorkelers. Playa Pocillos is the ideal spot for those looking to have a go at windsurfing.

Costa Teguise

costa teguise beach

Costa Teguise is the most recently developed of Lanzarote’s three main holiday resorts and has been constructed around the area’s beautiful sandy beaches. Before the 1970s, only the beaches occupied this part of the island, the resort itself being developed over the last 30 years. Initially, one Spanish company, “Rio Tinto”, bought, built and owned the whole resort, but since the establishment was privatised, the resort was sold off in increments.

The golden sands of the famous Playa Bastian beach offer the perfect area to quietly relish the sub-tropical sunshine. The “Las Cucharas” beach is a windsurfer’s dream! Besides the handful of theme parks Lanzarote has, its 18-hole international golf course is only a few minutes away. Playing golf in Costa Teguise offers the extraordinary experience of playing close to a once active volcano!

The Aqua Park in Costa Teguise is the largest water park in Lanzarote. The Costa Teguise Water Park is opposite the Avenue El Golf and is suitable for children of all ages providing small and large pools and several water slides.

Costa Teguise resort is excellent if you want Lanzrote’s tourist attractions nearby. The area offers various places to stay, including Air B&B and self-catering for cheaper accommodation. There’s even a little bit of luxury with boutique hotels to stay in and four or five-star hotels at the other end of the scale.
Playa Blanca

Costa Teguise town centre has managed to maintain much of its original fishing village charisma. This tranquil town is situated on the most southernly point of the island. Named after the white sandy beaches in the area. Mainly a quiet and unspoilt resort, it’s the most peaceful and flattest of the three main resorts on the island. It’s the best place for anyone with a disability needed a flatter surface for a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Playa Blanca Lanzarote

image of nightlife at playa blanca resort lanzarote

With miles of white sandy beach, it’s easy to understand where its name came from. The crystal clear waters are perfect for water sports or simply cooling off in the summer. It is long asserted that the resort of Playa Blanca is the warmest part of Lanzarote, sitting at the southern tip of the island. Although the island is small, a marked temperature difference has been recorded between the north and south, especially during the winter. And more importantly, Play Blanca Lanzarote does enjoy more sunshine than any other part of the island and therefore stands as a popular tourist hotspot.

With the excellent weather in Playa Blanca, visitors can expect temperatures to reach highs of 28℃, which usually only drops to lows of 15℃ year round. This type of climate is ideal for water activities throughout the year. Playa Blanca Lanzarote has some superb, very shallow shores which are perfect for small children. In addition, the Papagayo beaches, some of the most beautiful in the Canaries, are only a few minutes drive away. Ferries frequently depart from the harbour to the nearby island of Fuerteventura, just 6 miles away, and the island can be glimpsed from most areas of the resort.

There’s no doubt about it; Lanzarote is a fascinating island with a broad appeal to first-time and returning tourists. Whether you’re interested in a relaxing break or an active holiday, quality yet affordable accommodation can be found all over the island. After choosing the best Lanzarote resort to fit your needs, you’re sure to find your perfect destination for an enjoyable stay.