Flying with Pets

take dogs on a plane, airlines that allow pets to flyCan I fly with my Pet to Spain?

This may seem like a random question, yet flying with pets is perhaps a more common search than you may think.

Although Ryanair currently operate a very strict policy on not allowing pets on a plane, unless its a guide dog and on a certain route, you may have heard that even they are considering this as a feasible option.

There are some airlines that already do allow smaller animals in the cabin area. These include, Air France, Delta, Virgin America and Air Canada, however there are currently only a few budget airlines that do.
Thomson are among this list as well as Flybe, Monarch, but this is in the hold and not the cabin area.
Easyjet is another airline that does not allow pets on their aircraft at all.

Although some airlines may allow pets, it is suggested that you contact your specific airline first as some have rules regarding weight allowances ( usually under 8kg) also certain breeds are not allowed.

There are of course other options to travel with pets and we encourage you to tell us about your successful trips.


Other options to travel with pets include on a ferry.