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Visit Mijas

Mijas is a small beach town in the Malaga Province, nestled into the Andalusia region of Spain. Mijas is made up of several different sections including Mijas Pueblo, which is the Hillside Village, Mijas Costa, which is the area near the beach, La Cala de Mijas, and Las Laugunas.

Mijas is known for its beautiful cobblestone streets, flowers, and peaceful mountainside villages that give the entire area a breathtaking scenic view. Those who live in Mijas enjoy festivals and parties, and have several different ones for different times of the year – there’s always something going on here!

If you enjoy the beach, you can stop by for some swimming and water sports, as surfing and wind surfing, boating, and jet skiing.

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Quick Facts about Mijas

Here’s a few interesting tidbits of information about the city of Mijas:


Mijas Pueblo is located just beneath and next to the Sierra de Mijas mountain range, nestled into a pine forest. The whole of Mijas is located in the Province of Malaga and the Andalusia region of Spain. Mijas is located directly in the heart of the Costa del Sol!


Mijas has gorgeous whitewashed buildings up against a backdrop of a pine forest, giving it a beautiful scenic feel. Many of the homes and buildings in the area were smaller until a few decades ago, when a lot of them were rebuilt into larger, more secure facilities. Since it was originally built as a fishing village, it does still retain some of that “small village” feel.


Mijas has a relatively warm climate – with mild to hot summers and winters that stay warm in comparison to other parts of the world. Due to its location near forests and mountains, it stays a little cooler than other areas in Spain. In July, the hottest month, the temperature generally averages at about twenty-four degrees Celsius (seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit). In January, which is the coldest month, eleven degrees Celsius (fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit) is the average temperature. Most of the rain that occurs in Mijas tends to fall during the winter, with November being the prime month for precipitation.

  How to get to Mijas

Mijas is served by the Malaga Airport, and the best way to get to Mijas from the airport is to take a bus or rent a car to drive around during your visit. Since Mijas is a smaller town, it can be difficult to find alternate modes of transportation, such as a subway system. Taxis are available, as well.

  Where to stay in Mijas

Depending on whether you would like to stay in the mountainous region of Mijas or close to the beach, your choice for hotels and inns can vary greatly, but either way, there are plenty of options available to you! Some of the top rated hotels in the Mijas area are El Oceano Beach Hotel, Los Amigos Beach Club, La Cala Resort, Hacienda Puerta del Sol, and TRH Mijas. If you are planning an extended stay, looking into a vacation rental may be beneficial.

   Things to do in Mijas

There are so many things to do and see in Mijas during your visit! If you enjoy beaches, Mijas has a beach with warm sand and clear water, and it is perfect for water sports such as windsurfing! If you enjoy the nightlife, Mijas provides plenty of smaller bars and restaurants to try. The area of Mijas has seven golf courses; so if you enjoy sports, feel free to check one or more of those out during your visit. Mijas has several of its own festivals, including their summer fair, which is typically held in late July.   The town’s famous street market is held on Wednesdays and Saturday, and includes fresh fruits and vegetables, crafts, and music. Guided walks are usually held during the year, and allow you to get a good tour of the area.

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