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Nerja is a smaller town located within the province of Malaga, and it is on the eastern tip of the Costa del Sol, with plenty of beautiful and warm sandy beaches for you to explore. What originally began as small Roman settlements in the area has led to a quiet city with several villages, caves, beaches, and small restaurants and shops. There is a beautiful coastal road still in place allowing you to take in some amazing scenic views from Torre del Mar all the way to Almunecar. We recommend some of the fun things to do in Nerja, where to find the best beaches Nerja has to offer and help you narrow down your search for Nerja hotels.

Nerja is quite the charming tourist attraction, and over the years it has become one of the most popular destinations along the Costa del Sol. With warm temperatures almost all year long, there is never a bad time to visit Nerja! If you enjoy swimming in crystal waters, one of Nerja’s several beaches might be the highlight of your trip! With so many different places to explore and so many amazing things to see on your trip to Nerja, you might not want to leave!

Quick Facts about Nerja

Here's a few interesting facts to keep in mind when you are thinking of visiting Nerja:


Nerja is located on the eastern tip of the Costa del Sol, and lies within the province of Malaga, in Andalusia. It is located within fifty kilometers (or about thirty-one miles) from the city of Malaga, and is on the southern part of the Mediterranean Coast.


Interested in Nerja’s architecture? While it does not have a great deal of Gothic style churches and cathedrals as other cities in Spain, it does have its own charm and things to see – including several small whitewashed villages. The Church of El Salvador, which was built in the seventeenth century, is also found in Nerja, and it is a mix of baroque and Moorish design.


Nerja has quite a beautiful climate, with an average of three hundred days of sunshine every year! Nerja receives plenty of protection from the wind and rain due to its location near the Sierra Almijara y Tejeda Mountains, so it stays relatively warm and mild all year long. During the winter months, the temperatures range from eight to ten degrees Celsius (about forty-five to fifty degrees Fahrenheit), with December and January being the coldest months. In summer, the temperatures range from twenty-eight to thirty degrees Celsius (about eighty-two to eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit), with the warmest months being July and August. These temperatures are only guidelines, and it can get much warmer here in the summer, sometimes at over thirty-seven degrees Celsius (one hundred degrees Fahrenheit)!

  How to get to Nerja

Nerja is more of a remote area, and it is served by the Malaga Airport. You can grab a taxi to get to Nerja from the airport, or hop on a bus from one of the other cities in Spain. Renting a car and taking a train into the city are two more options for getting to Nerja.

  Where to stay in Nerja

Nerja has many beautiful hotels, inns, and bed and breakfast type places that you can stay at during your visit. Some of these hotels are even beachfront, so you can be sure to get a great view of the ocean while you relax. Popular hotels in Nerja include MB Boutique Hotel, Hotel Puerta del Mar, Parador de Nerja, Hotel Balcon de Europa, and Hotel Paraiso del Mar. Vacation rentals and beachfront cottages can also be found in Nerja.  View Nerja Villas And Apartments Here.

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   Things to do in Nerja

Nerja is one of the more popular coastal beach villages in the Malaga province, and receives a lot of tourist attraction – and for good reason! The beautiful city has so much to do, with famous landmarks (be sure to see the stunning Balcon of Europe while visiting – the views are breathtaking), crystal clear beaches, golf courses, water parks, and the famous Caves of Nerja, which is a great way to appreciate Nerja’s natural beauty. Don’t forget to check out the many restaurants while you visit – there is something to appeal to everyone’s taste buds!

Nearby locations include the pretty white-washed village of Frigiliana and Maro with its beautiful beaches.

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