Visit Alicante

Alicante, also known as Alacant (the Valencian name for the city) is the capital of the Alicante province in Spain. It is the second largest Valencian city as of 2015. The city of Alicante is a port city, located along the Costa Blanca. The city is now a prime tourist destination for those who visit Spain, with many hotels, beautiful beaches, and, of course, plenty of Spanish culture and heritage.

Visit some of Alicante’s exceptional landmarks and monuments, from the Santa Barbara Castle to the Concatedral San Nicolas de Alicante, and don’t forget to stop by the museums that house art and culture from this spectacular city. If exploring natural beauty is more your style, there are plenty of caves, forests, rivers, and outdoor activities that will make you fall in love with the city and all it has to offer.

Quick Facts about Alicante

Here’s a few interesting tidbits of information about the city of Alicante:


The city of Alicante is located within the Alicante province of Spain. Alicante is located at the southeastern part Spain on the Costa Blanca, which has over two hundred kilometers (about one hundred twenty-five miles) of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.


From large, domed ceiling cathedrals to castles and monuments that were constructed in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Alicante is sprawling with breathtaking architecture. Make sure to see the Iglesia de Santa Maria, a beautiful Gothic style church, and Ayuntamiento, or the town hall, which has strong, twin towers, walkways, and a small cathedral.


For those who wish to visit Alicante, you’ll want to read up on the climate of the area before deciding on a time to visit. Alicante has mild winters, and usually hot summers. There is plenty of sunshine and little rain here – the month that sees the most rain falls between September and October – averaging at about only thirty-five rainy days per year. The temperatures in the summer months, with July and August being the hottest months, ranges from about twenty-five degrees Celsius to forty degrees Celsius (about seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit to one hundred six degrees Fahrenheit). In the winter months, with the coldest months being December and January, the temperature ranges from eight degrees Celsius to seventeen degrees Celsius (forty-five degrees Fahrenheit to about sixty-three degrees Fahrenheit), with an average temperature being twelve degrees Celsius (fifty-four degrees Fahrenheit).

  How to get to Alicante

Alicante has its own airport, the Alicante Airport, and it is ranked as being one of the busiest airports in Spain. For traveling shorter distances, or around the city, feel free to hop on one of the trains in Alicante, or call up a taxi to get to where you need to go. Busses travel around the city at regular intervals, and you can always call up a car hire if you would rather drive yourself. A ferry is available for transport to and from Algeria and the Balearic Islands.

  Where to stay in Alicante

From beachfront hotels to smaller inns located on the outskirts of the city, Alicante has plenty of choices when it comes to selecting somewhere to stay during your vacation. Some of the more popular hotels in Alicante include Hospes Amerigo, Abba Centrum Hotel, Melia Alicante, Hotel Spa Porta Maris & Suites del Mar, and the Hotel Castilla Alicante. Each of these hotels have their own distinct beauty, architecture, and features, such as pools, being located on the port, or an oceanfront spa retreat.

   Things to do in Alicante

Alicante is a port city with plenty of things to see and do during your stay. If you are interested in outdoor activities (aside from sightseeing), such as Tabarca, which features a nature reserve, fishing, and snorkeling, and Mount Benacantil, where you are hike up the mountain and see the beautiful scenery all around you. For those who like to visit beaches, be sure not to miss the stunning Port of Alicante, with its clear waters and warm sands! Many restaurants are oceanfront or on the port, giving you fresh food and the ability to relax and unwind. If you enjoy museums, be sure to check out the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art and the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts during your visit.

Image Credit: Pixabay