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Visit Salobreña

Surrounded by sugarcane fields and whitewashed homes, Salobreña is a small township that sits on top of rocks and is surrounded by warm, rocky beaches. The first section of Salobreña, which is called Old Town, are next to a stunning Moorish castle, while the second section of Salobreña stretches from the bottom of Old Town out to the beaches, and is made up of newer buildings and developments.

There are five beaches in Salobreña, all of them breathtaking in terms of beauty and warmth, making it a fantastic vacation area. Take a stroll through the lovely, quiet town and breathe in the fresh scent of flowers and take in all the culture and heritage that Salobreña has to offer – a heritage stretching back at least six thousand years!

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Quick Facts about Salobreña

Here’s a few interesting tidbits of information about the city of Salobreña:


Salobreña is located just forty-five minutes from Granada, and about an hour from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is located on the Costa Tropical, along the southern tip of Spain.


Salobreña features lovely whitewashed buildings and home, which really pop out against the rocky cliff area of Old Town. The small paths in Old Town lead to a tenth century Moorish Castle, which is known as El Castillo De Salobreña, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Salobreña!


The weather in Salobreña is pleasantly warm in the summer and mild in the winter, making it for a lovely winter retreat, as well as a great place to explore beaches in the summer. The hottest months in Salobreña are July and August, with summer temperatures ranging from twenty-one degrees Celsius to thirty-two degrees Celsius (about seventy degrees Fahrenheit to ninety degrees Fahrenheit). In the winter, the coldest months are December and January, with temperatures ranging from nine degrees Celsius to sixteen degrees Celsius (about forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit to sixty-one degrees Fahrenheit). Most of the rain in the area occurs in November, which usually leads to sunny skies and a warm sea temperature during the summer

  How to get to Salobreña

While Salobreña does not have its own airport, it is served by the Granada airport and the Malaga Airport. Once at the airport, you have your choice of taking a bus into Salobreña, getting a taxi, or selecting a car hire.

  Where to stay in Salobreña

Since Salobreña is a small area, hotels are scarce, and include Hotel Avenida Tropical and Best Western Hotel Salobreña. However, there are a good deal of vacation rentals available if you plan on staying longer amounts of time, and if you are looking for a nice cozy retreat, you can choose to stay in one of the town’s bed and breakfasts! These include Hostal Jayma, Hostal San Juan, and Hostal Palomares. These bed and breakfasts are great ways to complete your stay in Salobreña.

   Things to do in Salobreña

While Salobreña might not have quite as much of a bustling nightlife as other areas nearby, Salobreña does have its fair share of activities and entertainment to pursue during your visit. Along with quite the lively cultural scene, in which concerts, plays, films, and outdoor shows are held, there are a variety of restaurants where you can try delicious cuisine native to the area. Outdoor activities are prominent here, such as fishing, biking, golf, snorkeling, and spending time on one of Salobreña’s five beaches. Walking and sightseeing are great ways to pass the time, and you’ll of course want to stop off and see Salobreña’s El Castillo De Salobreña!

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