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Why Travel to Spain?

Spain has long been known as an addictive place to visit. You may have been initially inspired by a walking tour, city break or beach holiday in Spain, but did you know that it offers so much more. From its Intriguing fiesta’s, Barcelona’s contemporary architecture, the culture and nightlife of Madrid to the insatiable climate of the costas, Spain really has a lot to tempt even the experienced traveller.. True, the keen adventurer may rightly expect more ….and Spain delivers for the first time visitor or the well equipped traveller.

Things to do in Spain
How about hiking or skiing from the flat-topped linear ranges of the Pyrenees mountains or tracing moorish history around narrow street corners of the South all the way back to 711AD ? The Moor’s had a fascinating influence on the country, which has been a worthy pursuit of many a curious traveller. Their mark is found on everything from the language to some of Spain’s most famous attractions, such as the Alhambra in Granada. Too, in the more industrious northern part of the country, larger cities such as Barcelona and Bilbao are now even more famous for inspiring chefs from around the globe to recreate their  popular dishes.

But why travel to Spain?
Even in busier Spanish tourist areas, one doesn’t have to journey far around a corner, to be satisfied by unmatched experiences. The pleasant aromas of locally prepared, colourful, sizzling dishes and the sounds of gregarious Spanish families chattering whilst sharing them. One will never forget the scene of an older Spanish fisherman meticulously casting a line in the glow of evening sunshine, determined not to leave until they bring in the evening supper.

Maybe you’re already an addicted returning visitor, who agreed to visit Spain initially only to please the family. Yet  now, you too are hooked on this incredible place where lush Lemons, nutritious avocados and almonds grow all around you, and where the best extra virgin olive oil is pressed and offered locally.  In that case, you well know why people flock in their millions to this hospitable country that offers quite contrasting attractions and opportunities.

Our hope is that this information guide, will fill you with inspiration on great places to visit in Spain. We aim to expand our Spanish travel guide so that everything you need to help you plan your trip to Spain, will be here in one place.

Planning a trip to Spain
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