where can you buy tickets for Alhambra palace Granada

Where Can You Buy Tickets for the Alhambra Palace Granada

What types of entrance tickets are available for the Alhambra Palace, Granada?

You may not realize that tickets are available for morning or afternoon ‘sessions’ and that these have to be booked in advance so that a specific entrance time is reserved for you. Once you have purchased your ticked from the official website, check the exact time of your entrance to the Nasrid Palace and plan your trip so that you will not miss your allocated entrance time. As well as the general pass, you also have evening visits and garden visits (garden tickets are only for the Alcazaba and Generalife). There are two types of evening visits: The Nasrid Palaces, available year round; and the Generalife Gardens and Palace, available in March-June and September-October. Later on, I will discuss how to spot the unofficial Alhambra websites and give you the direct link where can you buy tickets for Alhambra palace Granada from the official website.

How to buy tickets to the Alhambra with the Granada Card Tourist Pass
It is possible to buy a ticket directly at the official Ticket Office for the Alhambra and Generalife. This ticket office is located at the main entrance of the Alhambra, near the car parks, however, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a ticket to see the palaces if you have not purchased one in advance. Also, the ticket office provides tickets for that current day only, so you can’t use this route if you wanted to come back next week for example.
Credit cards and cash are accepted for ticket purchases, however, tickets purchased on the same day can not be refunded or have the dates changed for future entrance. There is a Granada Card Tourist Pass that includes entry to the Alhambra of Granada and the city’s main monuments, saving you money. It is also an good option when no more general tickets are available.The new types of Granada Card (except for the Ciudad modality) include different entrances to the Alhambra.

Where can you buy tickets for Alhambra palace Granada in advance:

Buy tickets for the Alhambra Palace here  – This is the official Alhambra Palace Granada website to get your tickets.

There are many unofficial websites that may or may not disclose this in the footer of their homepage. But if you don’t want to pay any commission, simply click the blue text above and this will take you to the only official Alhambra website where you can book your tickets to get in.

Purchasing tickets by card for the Alhambra palace Granada: Tickets can also be bought at the official Alhambra bookshop on Calle Reyes Católicos, 40, in Granada and of course at the Alhambra ticket office.
Also for convenience, tickets can be paid for at any Servicaixa ATMs (La Caixa) in the city of Granada, where you can also collect and print any pre-booked tickets purchased online or by telephone for the Alhambra Palace. Print and bring your tickets with you.

Do I have to take identification such as passports with me to get in to the Alhambra palace?

This question has caused much deliberation online.  So I will clear this up for you now. If tickets have been purchased from the official online Alhambra Palace website (see above in blue) then the answer is: ” No, you don’t need to take your passport with you to get in to the Alhambra Palace.