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Visit Ronda, Travel to Ronda

Visit Ronda

Nestled on top of a mountain and cliff, it is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Spain. Breathtaking views are so easy to come by as you explore the city (from up close and afar!). The heritage and cultural aspects of Spain are quite prominent in Ronda, and if you enjoy sightseeing, the city has some of the most beautiful places to visit.

Ronda is known as the birthplace of bullfighting, and you won’t want to miss the iconic bullring – now a museum that you can walk through! You also will enjoy walking along cobblestone walkways, lined with flowers, as you look for the perfect restaurant to try some of the city’s delicious tapas for lunch.

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Quick Facts about Ronda

Here’s a few interesting tidbits of information about the city of Ronda:


Ronda is located atop a mountain in the Andalucia region of Spain, within the Spanish province of Malaga. Ronda is located roughly one hundred kilometers (around sixty miles) from the city of Malaga.


Ronda receives many tourists per year, because so many people are interested in seeing the architecture alone. Whitewashed buildings line the large cliff that the city is nestled on top of, providing a beautiful view to those who are admiring it from afar. With historical charm and buildings dating back to the sixteenth century, there are plenty of breathtaking views here. Many of the buildings have a Roman look to them, such as the bullring, bridges, and castles.


With a warm climate that makes for a mild winter and delightful summer temperatures, Ronda is great to visit all year long. With most rain falling in October and November, the remainder of the year tends to be dryer, with a summer full of sunshine. The coldest months of the year, which are December and January, with average temperatures that range from seven degrees Celsius to fourteen degrees Celsius (about forty-five degrees Fahrenheit to fifty-seven degrees Fahrenheit). The summer temperatures, with July and August being the hottest months, range on average from nineteen degrees Celsius to twenty-nine degrees Celsius (about sixty-six degrees Fahrenheit to eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit).

  How to get to Ronda

The city of Ronda is served by the Malaga Airport, and since it is about one hundred kilometers (sixty miles) from Malaga, you will need to find another mode of transportation to get into the city of Ronda. Ronda can be reached via train, with a few different train stops depending on where you are located. A car hire is another great way to get into Ronda, and there are several busses that travel into the city, as well.

  Where to stay in Ronda

With plenty of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals to choose from in the city of Ronda, you won’t have a lack of wonderful places to stay! Many of the hotels in the area are as beautiful and well cared for as the city itself – adding a bit more culture to your visit!

   Things to do in Ronda

Sightseeing is one of the most favorable things to do in the city of Ronda – its breathtaking beauty, geographical features, and scenery provide a wonderful opportunity to explore and photograph the landscape. Visit one of the many restaurants and sample their delicious cuisine, visit various museums, including the famous bullring, go hiking or cycling, or simply take a stroll on a flower lined path and do some window shopping at one of the many fabulous shops.

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