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Visit Puerto Banus, Travel to Puerto Banus

Visit Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus has been described as being southern Spain’s St. Tropez, due to the luxury marina, beautiful beaches, and upscale shopping malls around the city. The long coastline, located directly on the Costa del Sol, has beautiful, sandy beaches and plenty of sunlight all year long, making it a wonderful vacation spot.

Puerto Banus is also widely known for its nightlife – there are a great deal of clubs and restaurants open late, providing a unique nightlife for those who are interested in partying and staying up late! Try delicious tapas, take a boat out on the water, and spend a day relaxing in the warm sand on the beach – make your vacation to Puerto Banus a wonderful experience!

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Quick Facts about Puerto Banus

Here’s a few interesting tidbits of information about the city of Puerto Banus:


Puerto Banus is situated in the Andalucia region of Spain, just to the southwest of the city of Marbella. Puerto Banus is also only about a forty-five minute drive away from Gibraltar. Located on the Costa del Sol, you can be sure that there is plenty of sunshine on the long stretch of warm and sandy beaches.


While Puerto Banus has the look and feel of an older Spanish fishing village, it’s quite new – development of the area began in the 1970’s, with the intention of becoming a shopping center and marina.   While many of the buildings here have a modernized look, there are still plenty of buildings that have that “authentic” design.


Summers are typically hot, dry, and full of Sunshine in Puerto Banus, and the winters are generally mild. The most rain tends to fall in the month of November. In the summer months, the sea temperature can reach around twenty-four degrees Celsius (about seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit) on average. During the coldest months, which are January and February, the temperature ranges from six degrees Celsius to eight degrees Celsius (about forty-three degrees Fahrenheit to about sixty-one degrees Fahrenheit). In the summer months, it can get quite warm – the hottest months are July and August, and the average temperatures range from nineteen degrees Celsius to twenty-nine degrees Celsius (around sixty-six to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit), but tend to get quite hotter.

  How to get to Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is serived by the Malaga Airport, which is only sixty kilometers (thirty-seven miles) away from the city. Once you are at the airport, the best ways to get to Puerto Banus is to choose a car hire, a taxi, or a bus. The roads are the best form of transportation not only to Puerto Banus, but to surrounding towns, as well.

  Where to stay in Puerto Banus

Aside from the various vacation rentals that you can choose for extended stays in Puerto Banus, the small town does not have too many lodging options – only a few hotels. These hotels include Benabola Hotel & Apartments, Club Jardines del Puerto, and Sisu Boutique Hotel and Spa. Because of the close proximity of Puerto Banus to Marbella and Gibraltar, there are plenty of other hotels in those cities as well, so there are plenty of places to stay!

   Things to do in Puerto Banus

While Puerto Banus may be a smaller town, there are plenty of things to do for residents and tourists alike. From golf courses, a casino, a cinema, and plenty of small shops (such as upscale clothing shops), there is something here for everyone. Go for a swim in the ocean at one of the beautiful, crystal clear beaches in Puerto Banus, or visit the market every Saturday to get a feel for the culture of the city. With bars, dance clubs, piano lounges, and a great deal of restaurants, this is the perfect city if you are looking for a great nightlife scene, or are just interested in sampling some of the city’s fresh cuisine!

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