Malaga Hotels

If you are searching for a place to stay in Malaga then our selection below can help you choose the perfect holiday location. Our top picks of Malaga hotels include luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget accomodation & hostales in Malaga city and further afield. 

Take a look at some of our top picks for Hotels in Malaga

Hotels in Malaga, Posada del patio

Posadas Del Patio 

The Posada del Patio is 5-star hotel, situated in the centre of Málaga, features a rooftop swimming pool with views of Malaga city, gym, jazz club and even direct access to Malaga's old city walls!  Find out more

AC Malaga Palacio, Malaga Hotel

AC Hotel Malaga Palacio

With a fantastic location between Málaga Cathedral and Paseo del Parque, AC Málaga Palacio features a rooftop swimming pool and views of Málaga’s port and bay. Enjoy a buffet breakfast and a selection of Spanish dishes for dinner, whilst enjoying panoramic sea and park views. Find out more