Visit Gibraltar

Visit Gibraltar

While it has been disputed over the years about what country Gibraltar is actually a part of, and even though Gibraltar citizens have been granted Britain citizenship, Gibraltar still emanates with much of the charm that the country of Spain carries.

From the beautiful mountainside and architecture to the stunning waterfront scenery such as the Bay of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea, Gibraltar is a scenic tourist location that is simply breathtaking and should not be missed when planning a holiday to Spain!

Gibraltar’s warm climate makes it a great vacation choice for any time during the year, and the various hotels and restaurants will make a trip to Gibraltar feel like a dream vacation.

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What’s in our Gibraltar Information summary?

Have you ever wondered “what’s the weather like in Gibraltar?” Or “what is it like to go on holiday to Gibraltar in the winter?” Or maybe you’re looking for things to do in Gibraltar to keep the children entertained? To help you we have put together a brief travel guide and a lovely selection of things to see and do on the magnificent Rock of Gibraltar. For further information on the best local restaurants and Gibraltar hotels and other choices of accommodation, use the buttons above to help you plan your stay in Gibraltar. We hope that you find our little summary useful and that you do consider visiting Gibraltar very soon!


Gibraltar is located on the end of Iberian Peninsula, under the country of Spain. Gibraltar is technically part of Britain, but since it is directly under the Spain borders, it is still sharing some of the culture, heritage, and history of Spain, as well as the charm and scenery of the country. It is surrounded by the Alboran Sea and the Bay of Gibraltar.

  Architecture in Gibraltar 

Gibraltar has both Spanish influences and British influences, leading to some very interesting structures and buildings, but Gibraltar’s architecture is as breathtaking as the scenery around the peninsula – high towers on churches, old castles, and delightful scenic paths and courtyards that make visiting this area feel like a dream come true. St. Andrew’s Church and Moorish castle are two popular tourist attractions that give a great idea what the architecture in the area is like.

  Weather in Gibraltar 

Gibraltar’s warm, beautiful weather comes from the area’s subtropical-mediterranean climate that the region is known for. The winters are usually warm and mild, and the summers are hot and dry. Most of the rain happens during the winter months, and the temperatures range from ten degrees Celsius to twenty-three degrees Celsius (about 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit) in the winter, and 20 degrees Celsius to thirty-eight degrees Celsius (about sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit) during the summer months.

  How to get to GIbraltar
While Gibraltar has its very own airport, which is handy for flying tourists in and out of the area, you can also get to Gibraltar if you drive through Spain, since the Spanish border and the Gibraltar border are right next to each other. Even airport transfers from Malaga airport to Gibraltar are also common. Gibraltar even has its very own cruise ship terminal, which receives a lot of traffic from cruise ships.

  Where to stay in GIbraltar
While Gibraltar doesn’t have an immense variety of hotels to choose from, it does have several that are almost as stunning as the scenery surrounding them! Some of those include the Sunborn Gibraltar, which has a wonderful view of the Rock of Gibraltar, and the O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel, with an amazing pool and a dining area that is simply like no other. There are several vacation rentals in the area, as well as Bed-and-Breakfast type inns that will make a romantic vacation even more romantic.

   Things to do in Gibraltar
Looking for activities for couples, families, and friends is never difficult in Gibraltar, as there is something here for everyone, from children to adults alike. Once you’ve enjoyed buying souvenirs at some of the traditional tourist stops In Gibraltar, such as the Rock of Gibraltar and the remote Mediterranean Steps, there’s many things to do in Gibraltar, including some unforgettable dolphin watching excursions, visiting the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens, and the Apes Den. Also, try taking a ride on the Gibraltar Cable Car, which gives beautiful views of the area and the landmarks around the peninsula. If you’re looking for something very different to do whilst in Gibraltar, then it would have to be to visit the famous wild monkeys of Gibraltar. In fact it has been noted that these fascinating creatures ‘visit tourists’ when their curiosity gets the better of them, so keep hold of your belongings!

These monkeys or Barbary macaque’s located in Gibraltar are the only wild monkey population in  Europe. No trip is complete without enjoying the appealing antics of these mammals on the Upper Rock area of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve.




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