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Visit Barcelona

Visit Barcelona

Inside the north-eastern corner of Spain is the region of Catalonia and the home of the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona. Although Madrid is the capital of the country, Barcelona city is quite probably the most renowned in Spain, with approximately 9’000’000 choosing to visit Barcelona throughout the year.

Today, Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist economic and culture centres of Spain with an influence in commerce, entertainment, media and fashion. The hotel industry in the city contributes to its increasing economy. Barcelona hotels offer everything from budget, boutique hotels, right up to 5 star luxury hotels such as the lush Mandarin Oriental Barcelona hotel. With wonderful views and a prime location, this hotel is a ‘snip’ to the luxury traveller with prices from £432 per night.

The renowned Camp Nou football ground finds its home in Barcelona, where a visit to the famous Barcelona football team’s stadium and its museum, has become obligatory for Lionel Messi fans.

Quick Facts about Barcelona

Here’s a few quick facts that can help when planning to visit Barcelona:


Being located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and close to the Pyrenees, Barcelona provides the advantages of both the coast and breathtaking mountain ranges.


The inhabitants of Catalonia (over 1.5 million) have their own language ‘Catalan’ and whilst both Spanish and Catalan are the official languages of the region, the majority of people use Catalan to communicate. Although, if you have some knowledge of Spanish you will probably realize that Catalan too difficult to understand as it’s similar in part to Spanish.


The city of Barcelona has some incredible works of architecture for which it is renowned. Barcelona has become a point of reference for architectsfrom all overthe world, following and admiring the techniques of the famous Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926) who was a leading figure of Catalan Modernism and creator of architectural masterpieces such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral.


Barcelona enjoys a mild climate throughout the year making it an excellent an ideal beach destination, with average temperatures of 10ºC in winter and 25ºC in the summer.

  How to get to Barcelona
Although three different airports are used by visitors to Barcelona each year, Barcelona has its own airport and it is also the second largest in Spain. Barcelona–El Prat Airport, simply known as Barcelona Airport, is an international airport located approximately 12 km southwest of the centre of Barcelona.  Barcelona Airport Shuttle Transfers are a relatively quick and direct way to enter the beautiful city.

  Where to stay in Barcelona
There’s a wide range of places to stay within or near Barcelona including plush hotels, budget hostels, self catering apartments or even camping. Take a look through our best picks of places to stay in Barcelona.

   Things to do in Barcelona
Whatever your choice of holiday you will find that there are so many things to do in Barcelona. We will continue to update our list of Barcelona’s highlights here.