Top Ten Things to Do Outdoors in Spain

When you’re planning your vacation to Spain, you’re probably planning a lot of indoor activities – art galleries, museums, and touring cathedrals and castles. But the outdoors in Spain has so much to offer – along with the chance to really appreciate the beauty that this country has to offer! Here is a list of things to do in Spain that allow you to be outside in the warm sunshine – from photography to guided tours, from beaches to hiking! There’s something here for everyone on your adventure.


1. River Rafting

1. river rafting

River rafting, or white water rafting, is popular all over the world, and is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Spain during the summer when the sun is hot! There are various places in Spain to try your hand at this activity, and many companies who will provide professional guidance to ensure that your rafting trip is fun and safe! You can find river rafting in Barcelona and Granada, where there is plenty of water and beautiful parks.


2. Beaches

2. playa sardinero santander spain

When thinking of outdoor activities in Spain, most of the time you’ll find yourself thinking about the beautiful beaches with warm, white sand, and crystal blue waters. Beaches are plentiful in Spain, especially along the Costa del Sol area. Whether you prefer quiet, secluded beaches, or bustling beaches with restaurants and shops lining the boardwalks, there are plenty to choose from!


3. Horseback Riding

3. horse back riding

While you might not think of horseback riding when you think of Spain, there are a great amount of places in Spain that offer lessons, chances to ride horses if you are already experienced, and even guided tours. Check out the five hour long guided horseback tour through a natural park in Barcelona – it’s definitely a great way to see the natural wonders!


4. Scuba Diving

4. scuba diving

Scuba diving will have you back in the water, only this time having the experience of a lifetime as you go diving under the water of one of Spain’s fabulous beaches! This activity is especially popular along the Costa del Sol with its many beach areas, suich as La Bajadilla Beach in Marbella or Huelin Beach in Malaga.  Guided tours are available, and this is one activity you don’t want to miss out on!


5. Animal Adventure Parks

5. animal adventure parks

For those who love animals and going to adventure parks featuring animals and sea life, Spain has quite a few options! The most popular, Loro Adventure Park, offers not only many animals in birds, but sea life, including dolphins shows, as well. The animals are treated wonderfully and it is a fun experience for the whole family. Also, don’t miss Selwo animal Park in Estepona, Málaga, Costa del Sol. It is an African adventure where you can even feed a hippo!


6. Guided Mountain Tours

6. pyrenees mountains

There are many guided mountain tours in Spain, since there are a lot of beautiful mountains to explore! Many agencies near a lot of these mountains offer guided tours – sometimes simply day trips, and sometimes longer camping expeditions. The Pyrenees Mountains in Barcelona is one set of mountains that offer such tours.


7. Sightseeing

7. madrid

When touring a foreign country, one of the most fun things to do is to go sightseeing. The great part about Spain is that there are many different landmarks, cathedrals, and cities that are worth seeing and taking photographs of while you are here! From the capitol building in Madrid to the large cathedrals in Seville, there are plenty of things to see.


8. National Parks

8. national parks

See all the beauty that Spain has to offer when you visit one of the many national parks here. Located in just about every city throughout the country, there is bound to be one near where you are vacationing, and if not, they are definitely worth seeking out if you are a nature lover! Many of the parks offer hiking trails, rivers for kayaking, and breathtaking scenery.


9. Hot Air Balloon Flights

9. hot air balloons

If you’ve ever been curious about traveling in a hot air balloon, why not try it out on your trip to Spain? Several cities, such as Catalonia and Barcelona have companies who offer hot air balloon rides high above the city, providing breathtaking views!  See Spain in a brand new way and get amazing photographs as you float lazily over towns and fields.


10. Free Walking Tours

10. barcelona walking tour

Free walking tours are perhaps one of the best ways to see areas of Spain and get a close up to buildings, monuments, shops, and restaurants! Many cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, offer free walking tours for people who wish to walk around and see the city. While some companies offer paid, private tours, or even tours on Vespas or bicycles, most of the cities offer the tours for free to those who join in the group and walk.


Spain has an abundance of fun, exciting outdoor activities available for those who wish to spend some of their time outside – from swimming in one of the Costa del Sol’s beautiful beaches to riding in a hot air balloon or taking a guided tour through famous mountains, there is something here to appeal to everyone! Make the most of your time in Spain – get outdoors and explore the beauty offered here!


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