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Your learning here at Kitesurfing Mallorca includes a short but very important theory to provide detailed understanding about the efficient use of a kite.  After the technical explanations, practice takes place directly on the water -approximately 90 per cent of the 3 hour long lesson.  Also, guides are welcoming and patient and happy to help you learn proper technique, form, and will guide you every step of the way!

The choice of your kitesurfing school  is an important factor as depending on this choice will be your progression and final results.  Make sure you choose an official legalized school to help you reach your goals!

Kitesurfing Mallorca lessons have several steps, and include working on technique and basic understanding while in shallow water.  The beautiful beaches available to those who take kitesurfing lessons here with us and are sure to leave you as you enjoy this popular water sport!

Contact Information
de Alcúdia al Puerto, Alcúdia, Spain 07400
Phone: +34 647 89 11 22
Website: http://www.edmkpollensa.com/

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