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As they illustrate, to be based in the most dynamic town in Iberia is not a problem for a birding company, but an advantage.

To have the massive, towering Pyrenees only one hour of drive from you and the semi-deserts immediately to your West is something any birdwatcher would consider as wonderful. But, if you add the big and not-that-big wetlands along the Mediterranean coast you can easily understand why Barcelona is an amazing birding spot.

They are talking about a place where bizarre combinations can be done. In a morning you may enjoy Lammergeiers, Citril Finches and Black Woodpeckers but let say you change your mind and go to the coast in the afternoon, where you will be joined by massive flocks of Greater Flamingoes and Glossy Ibises, Moustached Warblers, Collared Pratincoles and Audouin’s Gulls. Or even better, let’s go and take a look to Pin-tailed Sandgrouses, Red-necked Nightjars and Dupont’s Larks before sunset!

Carles and Sergi grew up as birdwatchers in that place, nobody can say this is bad, and still today they enjoy the incredible biodiversity of the area every single day they go out. As tour participants joining them say, their passion and pleasant character are endless and they keep enjoying while exploring the variety of landscapes they have around! They also valorize the landscape by explaining culture, history and land use changes. Local art and cuisine has been elevated to art in both Spain and Catalonia and should be a must for any visitor! Because culture is everywhere, why should not they enjoy it?

While Carles is full time working as birding guide, already with little time to do fieldwork, Sergi is half-time guiding, half-time monitoring, half-time ringing (you guessed, many half-times). Their philosophy is to have fun, enjoy the landscape, and birds. No point to go out as long as not getting some fun from it. Enjoy your time out and the magnificent wildlife spectacle in a relaxed but vivid way. Easy way birding.

Contact Information
Career Torrent de l'Olla, 180 - Barcelona
Phone: +34 697 426 603
Website: http://barcelonabirdingpoint.com

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